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Facebook Digital Skills Training Programme

Enabling people to develop the confidence and the skills they need for future employment in a digital economy.

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The Facebook Digital Skills Training Programme

Equipping young people with the necessary digital skills for personal and economic growth.

“The Digital Skills Training Programme gave me the confidence I needed to thrive in my workplace. I’ve already started applying what I’ve learnt in the workshop to my current role and couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone looking to enhance their digital skills and feel more career confident.”
– Caitlin Hardacre [programme attendee and since appointed Head of Content and Marketing for BuzzStart].

What is the Digital Skills Training Programme?

Highly researched modules designed to equip young people [18-30] with the confidence and skills they need for employment in a future digital workforce.

Each workshop is highly engaging, face-to-face and hands on, equipping attendees with the hard and soft skills they need to succeed.

Each workshop is free to attend. Lead partner, BuzzStart Academy, provides some of the most respected and sought after digital trainers in the UK and Ireland. Our amazing trainers work with the world’s top brands including Facebook, Shell and Google to name a few.

“The time is now to upskill our future workforce with the skills they need”.

Patrick Cutliffe
Founder, BuzzStart
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Who is the Digital Skills Training Programme for?

The DSTP was designed to empower and enable our young people [18-30 years old] with the confidence and skills they need for future employment in a digital economy, as well as the digital leadership attributes required to sustain and grow our future workforce.

This programme is open to everyone but particularly aimed at those who fall under the following categories: Learners to Earners, Sixth Formers, Disadvantaged youth, University students, Young Entrepreneurs, Unemployed, Creatives, Ethnic Minorities, Inclusion & Disabled.

Workshop Overview

Each workshop is 4 hours long and consists of three 70 minute modules, selected from the below 6. 16 highly researched soft skills are interwoven through the workshop including: innovation, resilience, self-leadership, critical thinking and more.

1) Innovation – Come up with your next big idea and prototype it
2) Social Marketing – Learn the four step process for success on social media
3) Web Presence – Lean how the web works and how to build your own website
4) Cyber Security – Understand the vulnerabilities of the web, and how to protect yourself online
5) Artificial Intelligence – Understand the foundational concepts of AI and how it works
6) Making Decisions with Data –  Get the tools to make more effective data informed decisions

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BuzzStart Academy provides some of the best Rockstar Digital Trainers in the world. Our Rockstar trainers are highly sought after and work with the world’s top brands daily including Facebook, Google, Shell and many more.

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